Trumpette Free Ambient Experimental Library for Kontakt

Atom Hub is giving away Trumpette, a free ambient experimental library for Kontakt, derived from a paper trumpet.

Hope you will enjoy this release and will have fun playing this little new instrument. The sounds were sampled of little paper trumpet I bought to my son some time ago when attending a local circus show. It is a little paper trumpet rolling out when the air is pushed in and immediately rolling back when the air pressure stops.

You know that funny satirical sound, best thrown right in someone´s face – takes me back to the world of my slap-happy childhood. Anyway, as you will find out, this little trumpet does a little more than that. Explore the Trumpette for yourself, it is FREE, as a thank you to you all – friends, musicians, sample and Kontakt lovers all over the world.

Atom Hub Trumpette GUI

At the base of this library stay 123MB of samples that recorded at 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio quality. Trumpette consists of 69 NKI/NKM files split into 51 single patches and 18 multi patches.

The GUI is very well built, with controls for attack and release, an equalizer and effect processors such as chorus, stereo enhancer, cabinet, delay, reverb and limiter.

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This library requires Native Instruments Kontakt and above (in free Kontakt Player version will work for 15 minutes only with each load).

More info & download:

Trumpette free ambient experimental library for Kontakt