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    RomPlay 2 Lite Free Sample Based VST/AU Instrument by Beatmaker Released


    Beatmaker, a developer that has been very active lately, has announced today the release of RomPlay 2 Lite, a free sample based VST/AU instrument.

    As the name suggests, RomPlay 2 Lite is a free version of a commercial plugin that has a bigger amount of sounds – and that’s the only difference. The “Lite” version remains 100% free and fully functional, without restrictions, disabled parameters & functions etc.

    RomPlay 2 Lite is a sample-based instrument (ROMpler) handcrafted with high quality presets covering mostly electronic music genres. The interface has controls for LFO rate and depth, LFO waveform, LFO source and LFO destination. There are three voice modes to select from: poly, mono and legato. The features continue with usual parameters such as attack, release, pitch bend, amplitude range, as well as a global reverb processor.

    Video demo:

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    RomPlay 2 Lite free sample based VST/AU instrument comes loaded with 10 factory presets from the following categories: keyboards, leads, pads, FX, synths, textures. Also, for more customization, there are 4 extra layers of sounds, vinyl and noises to add in realtime.

    RomPlay 2 Lite can be downloaded via Beatmaker (no registration required). The download size is 59MB, its unzipped size is 104MB.

    Available as VST & AU (universal) instrument for Mac and Windows (32-bit/64-bit).

    More info & download:

    RomPlay 2 Lite free VST/AU instrument plugin

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