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    Michael Picher Releases The Shrine Piano, ElecOrg & CT-7000 Free SFZ Libraries


    Michael Picher has announced the release of three new free SFZ libraries: The Shrine Piano, ElecOrg and CT-7000.

    The Shrine Piano is an SFZ instrument created with the 7ft grand piano samples recorded in a church. Michael Picher’s main goal was to make an expressive and versatile virtual piano that he could use in future projects.

    The Shrine Piano includes three sampled dynamic layers, corresponding release samples, and a pedal sound for added authenticity. The panning of the samples is rather narrow, so the author recommends you to use a binaural pan filter to increase the spread by 50% or more.

    ElecOrg Lite loaded in Plogue sforzando

    ElecOrg is the second release, a virtual electronic organ, sampled from a spinet organ from the late 70s! The tone generator for this organ is derived from a sawtooth wave. Included in this free SFZ library, are the upper and lower keyboards and pedals.

    Each keyboard has a selection of preset sounds that you can mix and match as well as some extra effects. ElecOrg comes in two versions, one full and commercial and one lite and free.

    See also: Free Binaural Upright Piano released by Michael Picher (SFZ)

    CT-7000 brings the sound of Casiotone 7000 into your DAW. The library is completely free and includes 20 sound presets, sustain/vibrato effects, bass/chord tones, and rhythm sounds (with accompanying preset beats via MIDI files).

    CT-7000 has 23 presets, including synths, guitars, clarinet, flute, trumpet, bass, organs, pianos and more. Watch a video demo below:

    The three libraries can be downloaded for free, you won’t have to create an account in order to get them. To open them properly, I recommend you to download and install Plogue sforzando free SFZ player.

    More info & download:

    The Shrine Piano, ElecOrg & CT-7000 free SFZ instruments

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