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    Sonuscore Releases Free Sustained String Chords for NI Kontakt


    Sonuscore has announced the release of Free Sustained String Chords, a free strings Kontakt library featuring performances of a real orchestra.

    This free Kontakt instrument is a follow-up to the highly acclaimed Free HD Orchestra Chords, a supplement which expands the possibilities of creating realistic scores.

    Sonuscore teamed up with Genuin – multiple winners of Klassik Echo German music prize, and recorded the renowned Brandenburg State Orchestra, resulting in a warm and massive orchestral sound.

    Audio demo:

    You can play sustained chords with the whole orchestra, or just the low, mid or high strings separately, across four different sections of your master keyboard. For a more realistic feel, the mod wheel gives you control over the dynamics and you can mix sustain and tremolo chords. Playing with low velocity triggers the major chord, playing with high velocity triggers the minor chord.

    The free strings Kontakt library can be downloaded via Sonuscore together with the previous HD Orchestra Chords. A valid email address is required.

    Free Sustained String Chords works with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

    More info & download:

    Free Sustained String Chords for Kontakt

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