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    Xoxos Launches Angle, Black and Outer – Three Synthesizers with Unusual Oscillators


    Xoxos has announced the launch of Angle, Black and Outer, three releases from a series of synthesizer plugins offering unusual oscillators.

    Both Angle and Black combine 3d geometry with feedback to avail two novel forms of audio synthesis. Angle uses a slightly modified, more efficient structure, and is suitable for atonal timbres like percussion. Outer is an initial platform for chaotic “attractor” based synthesis, using coupled oscillators and feedback.

    The spectra of multidimensional rotations differs from traditional audio synthesis methods. After making Black, I immediately continued to experiment with rotations to see if circular membrane harmonics could be easily approximated. Angle was a simple hypothesis that does not produce the fundamental and proved useful for synthesizing a variety of atonal timbres with complex harmonics. After giving the synths a test run and finding them useful, here they are. The methods used have not been studied much to date that I’m aware of.

    Due to the combination of irregular spectra and chaotic timbral behaviour, these synthesizers can create a wide variety of sounds that respond richly to modulation. The methods may have an extensive utility to general timbral synthesis but so far I have found their use more intriguing for modulated textural applications more than leads and basses. I recommend them for when you want something that sounds weird.

    Outer VSTi

    Outer is a rapidly developed initial platform for chaos or strange attractor audio synthesis using coupled oscillators. Three oscillators are summed with individual gain controls, the result is filtered and applied to the phase of each oscillator. This development was followed by other synthesizers expanding the method, but this initial platform has its own unique
    properties and timbral possibilities.

    All the three synthesizers are free to download via Xoxos (VST 32-bit, Windows).

    More info & download:

    Angle, Black and Outer free synthesizers by Xoxos

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