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    Free Teufelsberg Reverb Plugin Released by Balance Mastering (VST/AU)


    Balance Mastering has announced the release of Teufelsberg Reverb, a free reverb plugin based on the impulse responses recorded in an NSA surveillance tower in Berlin.

    That tower, infamous in the Cold War period, has an impressive acoustics, hence these IR’s that stand as evidence. The plugin provides lush reverbs from 6 different IR reverb sounds. The reverb types can be selected by typing the number in the “Reverb Type” field.

    The first plugin of a new range of audio tools is the follow up to the Teufelsberg impulse response set, Balance Mastering’s most popular download. Basically, you receive those high-quality IR’s into a handy shape – a little plugin to get you started immediately.

    Audio demo:

    Teufelsberg free reverb plugin has a fast, zero-latency convolution and A/B compare. Using the preset saving function, you keep the desired sound for further projects. There are two main buttons, a reverb mix plus a reverb gain, also a bypass switch.

    Balance Mastering offers Linux, Windows and Mac downloads, with 32-bit and 64-bit plugin versions (VST/AU).

    Teufelsberg Reverb is completely free (instant download) and open source.

    More info:

    Teufelsberg Reverb free plugin by Balance Mastering

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