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    Soft Glow Organ Free ROMpler Instrument Plugin by SynthIV Released


    Synth IV has announced the release of Soft Glow Organ, a free ROMpler VST instrument plugin for Windows.

    Soft Glow Organ is based on samples recorded from a 1960’s vintage home electric organ.

    To enhance the sound and produce warm sounds with modern effects, the author has added synthesizer-style controls. Therefore it has an amplifier envelope, filter envelope, hp/lp filters, but also a reverb module and boost, which can be chained after the filters.

    See also: Free VSCO2 Orchestral ROMpler by Bigcat Instruments (VST/AU)

    The LFO (tempo-synced) parameter can be sent to the sample pitch/vibrato, filter pitch and pan. There is also a mixer with an assignable volume knob and a panel of extra controls, including mod wheel and a fine tuner – hidden under the reverb controls.

    Soft Glow Organ free ROMpler is available for instant download (no registration required). At the moment is in beta phase, its interface may not load properly in FL Studio (it shows default-type knobs like FL native plugins), but the plugin is fully usable.

    More info & download:

    Soft Glow Organ free ROMpler instrument plugin (VST, 32-bit/ Windows)

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