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    Review: Pumper 3 In 1 Dynamic Processor Plugin by W. A. Production


    W. A. Production recently entered the industry of plugin developers, and one of their first creations is Pumper, 3 in 1 dynamic processor plugin.

    This plugin is let’s say, multi-functional, incorporating several effect processors essential in the mixing phases. The three modules are: compressor, saturator and a stereo imager. They can also be purchased individually, but the “bundled” plugin seems to be the best option, being offered at a price more than advantageous.

    We’ve met before with plugins like this, for example, Slam Pro the by BeatSkillz, but this is primarily oriented at hip hop productions. On the other hand, Pumper is specially designed for EDM, as expected from W. A. Production, some of the most prolific sample makers from 2016, who have made a big name with their Big Room, Future Bounce and Future Bass/Trap titles. So they’re in the right spot with this.

    GUI & test

    The GUI of Pumper is simple and intuitive. There are three distinct parts, basically three big knobs, each with its utility: a compressor with four modes, a saturation knob and a stereo width & enhancer. As mentioned before, the compressor is linked to a selector with four modes/compression presets, such as Punchy, Fat, Clean and Soft. Each of these modes adds compression to the sound in a different way.

    With compression enabled and set on the Fat mode, you will add some serious weight to sub basses, 808’s and male vocals. The Punchy mode is perfect for kick samples, while the clean compression preset is well suited for synths and real instruments such as pianos.

    The GUI

    The saturation dial adds a well-balanced warmth and color to any sound. I recommend it for drums, synth basses, leads and real instrument and emulations. A perfect use would be on drum loops or percussion tracks, it adds a subtle distortion, “crunch” and analogue feel.

    The stereo imager can be used on any part that needs a stereo boost. Use the knob whenever you need to make the sound appear “more stereo”, this parameter artificially increases the stereo width with very good results.


    My opinion is that everybody needs this kind of plugin in their production arsenal. I would call it a universal tool to enhance sounds and it gives really cool results. It could be your close friend when you need a fast way to make a drum sample sound punchy, when you need something to make that bass stand out, or when you’re looking for something to boost the stereo. Don’t get me wrong, it will not replace your favorite compressor, analogue saturator or stereo enhancer plugins.

    Buy Pumper 3 In 1 Dynamic Processor Plugin via Plugin Boutique

    Instead is a very good all-in-one solution, having the parameters enumerated before in a handy, well-balanced and high-quality package. With the EDM production revolution, I think this kind of plugins is the future. Plugins like these are necessary for producers with medium knowledge in production, a perfect solution to make their tracks sound like pros.

    Pumper costs only £23.75, I think for what is offers, the price is more than correct. Highly recommended for all producers looking for a high-quality, rapid and simple plugin to enhance the sounds with a few tweaks.

    Pumper is available as VST/AU/VST3 32-bit and 64-bit plugin for Windows and Mac.

    More info:

    Pumper Dynamic Processor Plugin by W. A. Production

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