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    The Pack Volume 1 Free Collection by Upsound & Friends Released


    Upsound has announced the release of The Pack Volume 1, a free sample pack featuring signature sounds from various artists and producers.

    We appreciate you guys so much and wanted to make a special something to give back. Your support has been super important in launching Upsound, and you have our thanks. We are stoked to announce… The Pack Volume 1!

    We got some of our best experts together to make a free sample pack for you guys. The Pack includes hundreds of high-quality essentials as well as signature sounds from Wooli, Kompany, Chime, Buku, Riot Ten, Terravita, WILD BOYZ!, G-Rex, Top $helf, and Sudden Death. We want to release another one soon, so let us know what you think!

    Audio demo:

    The sample pack is available for registered users at Upsound. Registration is also free, you can login with Facebook or Twitter.

    More info & download:

    The Pack Volume 1 free collection by Upsound & friends

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    1. Riot Ten sub sample pack contains numerous ripped samples… You can see it in the metadata… Sooooo, probably not royalty free.

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