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    Nuclear Lite Free VST Instrument ROMpler for Hip Hop, Urban & Cinematic Released


    Music Weapons has announced the release of Nuclear Lite, a free VST instrument plugin (ROMpler) featuring a huge sample library.

    As you probably figured out, Nuclear Lite is a stripped down version of a much bigger ROMpler plugin that is offered commercially. The paid version weighs around 80GB and contains strings, brasses, guitars, pianos, keys, drums, basically anything you can imagine in one plugin. Aimed at serious professional producers of hip hop, urban, pop, dance or even cinematic. The price tag for this wonder is $129.99 (the digital download). Below is a video tutorial/demo with the full version.

    Video demo:

    But the Lite version will satisfy your appetite for fresh sounds too, even if it’s just a small percent of the full standard library. Due to the fact that the full version weighs in at 80GB, you will still get a phat piece. I didn’t finish downloading the plugin (the archived RAR file download is 13.3GB), so I can’t list all the instrument types contained. As far as I see from demos, the plugin is beautifully created with Maize Sampler. It sports a mixer, an advanced 24 pads configuration and some effect processors, including a reverb unit.

    Nuclear Lite is a completely free and fully functional version. There are no time limits or removed features. This version is simply a very small sample of the patches within full Nuclear. Also, the developers specify that the projects using the Lite version will load up perfect with the full version.

    In order to download Nuclear Lite free VST instrument, a valid email address is required. The download link will be sent via your inbox. Please note the download is 13.3GB, you will need a decent internet connection.

    Nuclear Lite loads perfectly in FL Studio (fully compatible). Besides the Windows VST version (32-/64-bit), there are also Mac VSTi and AU alternatives.

    More info & download:

    Nuclear Lite free ROMpler instrument by Music Weapons

    HighLife Samples

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    1. I’m not getting the download link :( I already tried yesterday and again today… I would have really liked to try it out.

    2. you rock Stephen – and Nuclear is fantastic – and I have only heard the demo!

      i am saving up – i want the big one – the real thing – i just can’t afford right now.

      but truly – the demo of nuclear is amazing in width…

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