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    Karoryfer Samples Introduces War Tuba Free Sample Library for Sforzando (SFZ)


    Karoryfer Samples have announced the release of War Tuba, a free tuba sample library for Plogue Sforzando or similar SFZ player.

    War Tuba is created with the tuba player from Karoryfer Lecolds’ Hańba! folk-punk band. They sampled three articulations: staccatissimo with three dynamic layers and four round robins, staccato with four dynamic layers and three round robins and sustains.

    Breath noises, valve noises and yelling through the tuba round things out. Everything is recorded through two microphone positions: an overhead condenser mic, and for extra punk (and extra low end) a dynamic mic permanently taped inside the bell. That makes this a great tuba for various folky and jazzy styles, or for adding a rough edge to more civilized classical tuba samples.

    Audio demo:

    For larger brass bands and “epic excess”, Karoryfer Samples have also included simulated two-tuba and three-tuba sections. The experiment goes further with Tubaborg, a synth with four oscillators – hard, soft, sub and breath waveforms.

    War Tuba free tuba sample library that works with any SFZ player, but it integrates seamlessly with Plogue Sforzando (version 1.845 or newer), having a GUI specially designed for it. War Tuba is a free download, open source and royalty-free for all commercial and non-commercial use.

    More info & download link:

    War Tuba free SFZ library by Karoryfer Samples

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