Free VSCO2 Orchestral ROMpler by Bigcat Instruments

Bigcat Instruments has announced the release of the second version of its free orchestral ROMpler plugin for Windows and Mac.

The free VSCO2 orchestral ROMpler has a new look, the GUI design being made by Sam Gossner, based on an artwork of Simon Autenrieth. The new interface brings for the first time a reverb knob/module. It is a perfect addition, given that the orchestra is recorded pretty dry, so reverb is needed to wetten it up. The author says if you are mixing it with the Sonatina Rompler, you will notice the difference as the Sonatina is wetter out of the box.

Another new feature that needs to be highlighted is the addition of round robins for most of the short articulations and quick percussion hits. New patches were added: an old trombone, an upright piano and a lite piccolo.

The brand new VSCO2 includes 25 instruments and 88 articulations covering a wide range of chamber strings, woodwinds, brasses, pianos, percussion and more. With the addition of new round robins, there are over 2000 samples now. The source of these sounds is the VSCO2 community edition sample library by Sam Gossner.

VSCO2 free orchestral ROMpler is available for instant download via Bigcat Instruments (no registration required). Formats available: VST/AU for Windows and Mac, 32- and 64-bit versions.

More info & download:

Free VSCO2 orchestral ROMpler by Bigcat Instruments

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