279 free sidechained loops

MusicRadar has announced the release of a new collection of 279 free sidechained loops previously distributed on Future Music magazine’s cover DVD.

That sucky-sucky sound of pumping compression has been a staple ‘exciter’ for years now, and long may it live on. This sample set provides a set of synth pad and atmospheric loops that come pre-pumped.

They were cooked up the old school way – using a kick drum sent to the sidechain/external trigger inputs of analogue compressors and gates. The attack and release (and ‘hold’ in the case of the gates) were tweaked to get the timing of the ‘pump’ in time with the tempo, while threshold and ratio controls (‘range’ for the gates) were used to achieve the requisite depth of attenuation.

Audio demos:

The free sidechained loops are divided into six tempo-labelled folders. All the samples are delivered in 24-bit WAV format, so they will work in any DAW or sampler.

All the audio material is 100% royalty-free, you can use it in commercial projects.

More info:

279 free sidechained and gated samples by MusicRadar

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