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    2Rule intros SynthTrack free filter VST with inbuilt rhythmic sequencer


    2Rule has announced the release of SynthTrack, a free filter VST plugin with an inbuilt rhythmic sequencer.

    Therefore, we can also say that SynthTrack is a rhythmic effect plugin. It does not generate its own sound, it uses the track audio as the source.

    The free filter VST plugin can be applied to audio tracks (audio clips) such as pads, simple chords, vocals etc. It is recommended for “flat” sounding audio tracks, with few notes and few variations. Otherwise, the result will be messy and muddy.

    But how this effect plugin works? SynthTrack consists of a filter with three filter types, plus two ADSR envelopes and two LFO’s for filter and amplitude. These effects are triggered to a 16-step sequencer pattern. You can create your own rhythmic sequence by selecting the steps. Another way to use it is to arm “Push/Arp” near the big red “Push” button and control the rhythm with a MIDI controller. Click it once, then go to Tools > Last Tweaked > Link to Controller and hit the MIDI controller pad. “Push” will be assigned to that MIDI controller pad. But you will have to record the sound in Edison or to record an events pattern.

    See also: FilterJam free multi-band resonant filter effect plugin by AudioThing

    With this effect, you can add rhythmic characteristics to a sound, for example, a pad sound can be turned into a gated sound or an arp like sequence. SynthTrack synchronises with the DAW/host tempo.

    SynthTrack is available for instant download at 2Rule in versions for Windows (VST/32-bit) and Mac (VST). It comes with 26 factory presets.

    Download size is 4.80MB (a simple DLL file). To install it in FL Studio, after you download it, cut/paste it into your 32-bit VST’s folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugins), then re-scan in FL Studio.

    More info & download:

    SynthTrack free filter VST with inbuilt rhythmic sequencer

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