128 Free OB-Xd Presets by Daniel Stawczyk

Daniel Stawczyk has announced the release of Stamina, a new soundbank of 128 free OB-Xd presets.

A free bank for discoDSP’s OB-Xd featuring 128 presets designed to showcase the incredible classic soul of the vintage instrument’s emulation.

The bank pushes the boundaries created so far.

Audio demo:

In detail, there are 128 free OB-Xd presets split into 20 deep basses, 6 bells, 15 keys, 14 leads, 8 SFX, 24 pads and 40 synths. They’re suitable for EDM, pop, electronica, basically every style where you need presets with an analogue touch.

The soundbank requires OB-Xd freeware synthesizer software plugin by discoDSP. You can download it for free here.

More info & download link:

Stamina free OB-Xd soundbank by Daniel Stawczyk


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