mvMeter multivariable meter plugin (VST/AU)

TBProAudio has announced the release of mvMeter, a multivariable meter offering RMS, EBUR128, VU and PPM measurements.

mvMeter behaves like classic analogue VU and PPM meters. It includes both multiple measurement modes (PEAK, RMS, EBU R128, VU and PPM) and multi-channel metering for stereo, left, right, mid and side channels.

Other great features of mvMeter are large and accurate live meters, as well as adjustable pre-gain and automatic gain staging. The plugin is aligned to the current standards, with three themes and providing the ability to be scaled up to 400% (perfect for 4K monitors). Also, mvMeter has 64-bit internal processing.

mvMeter comes with three themes

TBProAudio told us that, among other software, mvMeter was also tested in the latest version of FL Studio, so you will not encounter problems into your favourite DAW.

The versions available at the moment are VST/VST3 32/64-bit, RTAS 32-bit & AAX 32/64-bit for Windows and VST/VST3 32/64-bit, AU 32/64-bit, RTAS 32-bit & AAX 32/64-bit for Mac OSX.

You can download mvMeter for free at TBProAudio (5.5MB ZIP, instant download/ no registration required).

More info and download:

mvMeter multivariable meter plugin (VST/AU)

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