Layercake free Kontakt instrument for sound designers

Flintpope has announced the release of Layercake, a free Kontakt library intended as an instrument for sound designers.

Layercake is a powerful tool for creating interesting sound textures and is comprised of a set of three samplers with four sounds in each. Layercake is meticulously crafted to create audio spaces that move beyond the realm of mere pads, leads or basses. To get started, you have 16 presets to choose from.

Each sampler layer can be manipulated with up to thirteen controls. With Kontakt’s five standard controls such as volume, pan, tune, mute and solo, there are eighteen tweakable parameters per sampler. Also, with 12 samples in each layer, you have 144 possible combinations of sounds as a starter palette for a musical experiment. To understand how it works and how to create soundscapes, basses etc, Layercake has a short PDF manual.

Audio demo:

Layercake is available via Gumroad, an email address is required for the download link to be sent/given. The download size is 266MB compressed ZIP file. Please note that a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt is required for this library.

If you like the instrument, you can donate to the author any amount.

More info & download:

Layercake free Kontakt instrument for sound designers