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    Function Loops Announces New & Updated Packs + Two Free Video Tutorials


    Function Loops has announced the release of new and updated sample packs, as well as the launch of two new free music production tutorials.

    The beginning of 2017 comes at Function Loops with a major update on all Premium Bundles, loads of new sounds being added. These packs take seriously the term “bundle”, they’re offered at discounted prices up to 77% off!

    At a glance, the 2017 update adds 23 new sample packs in the bundles. They’re featuring samples, MIDI files, stems, synth presets, vocals, sound effects and more. 100% royalty free, of course.

    Future Deep Tech is a new deep tech/house themed addition this week. It features all the characteristic elements, from signature subby basslines to moody riffs, lush pads, hypnotic grooves & vox hooks. Expect 7 construction kits in various keys, featuring various kinds of loops (bass, synth, vocal, SFX, drums, percussion), corresponding MIDI files and single shots. Included as a bonus is a Spire soundbank to complement the samples and MIDI’s.

    Video demo:

    Last but not least, Function Loops is proud to announce the launch of two new FREE video tutorials from the newly launched Essential Mix Tips course. If the first part was about how to mix the kick & bass, this time Sub City shares some killer tips and tricks about how to mix like a pro the percussions, respectively the leads.

    More info:

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