Free vox scratches samples by Mayo Staccato

Mayo Staccato has released via Hugsylvania its Vinyl Vox, a free sample pack containing free vox scratches.

Grab some free vox scratches to freshen up your beats!

This pack contains 45 recordings of Mayo Staccato’s voice that he scratched, divided into 30 one-shot-like scratches and 15 scratch sets to pull your own from.

If you create something with these samples, tag your tracks on Soundcloud with #vinylvoxvania, so he can find, like and comment.

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Audio demo:

All the samples are WAV’s 32-bit audio quality and they’re provided 100% royalty free. Moreover, besides this, you’re also allowed to modify and redistribute them.

The size of the pack is 12.7MB extracted on disk, and 7.58MB compressed. Vinyl Vox is available for instant download (no registration required).

More info & download link:

Vinyl Vox free sample pack by Mayo Staccato
Direct download

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