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    125 Free Korg MS-20 Samples by Elphnt Released


    Elphnt has announced the release of a collection of 125 free Korg MS-20 samples.

    The Korg MS-20 is an absolute classic, of that there is no doubt. It is a semi-modular mono-synth that has been used by countless artists from Aphex Twin to Daft Punk and is famed for its fat, warm sound.

    Elphnt sampled an old Korg MS-20 model “that had probably seen better days but had character oozing out of every jack plug”. To capture the raw sound of its oscillators, he sampled each oscillator with all the settings fully open (full sustain, filters open, etc).

    Each waveform was sampled multiple times to capture the erratic nature of the synth. Also, the pulse waveform was sampled 5 times to capture various stages of the pulse width.

    The freebie contains 125 samples in AIFF format (which, by the way, works fine in FL Studio). You have the option to download just the samples or the samples plus some Ableton Live presets. We must admit that Ableton users are pretty spoiled with the included 1 basic MS-20 preset, 5 basses, 2 leads, 6 pads, 7 percussion modules and 2 other presets.

    But you can turn the sound samples in “instruments” too, of course, I talk about FL Studio here. We wrote a tutorial about how to tune a sample and turn it into an instrument.

    The 125 Free Korg MS-20 Samples collection is available via Gumroad.

    More info & download:

    Korg MS-20 Samples free collection by Elphnt

    HighLife Samples

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