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    SONiVOX Orchestral Companion Strings VST/AU/AAX is only $1 via Plugin Boutique


    Plugin Boutique has announced that SONiVOX Orchestral Companion Strings VST/AU/AAX instrument plugin is only $1 for a limited time.

    They’re lush. They’re dramatic. They’re emotionally evocative. Nothing sets the mood like well-done ensemble strings in the hands of a skilled composer/arranger/producer.

    The key, of course, is “well-done,” and you’re sunk before you start if your strings sound like screechy steel cables instead of a rich, silky, expressive string ensemble.

    We’ll never let that happen to you. That was our mindset when we created Orchestral Companion Strings.

    Orchestral Companion Strings virtual instrument plugin by SONiVOX features 90 outstanding string programs, each one meticulously crafted to deliver as accurate and convincing an experience as possible.

    There is a comprehensive collection of full orchestral string ensembles, which are fantastic for background string parts or quickly sketching out an orchestral score. But also a full array of individual string sections so you can really customise and polish your final creation by building things up section by section.

    The GUI of Orchestral Companion Strings

    Orchestral Companion Strings offers flexibility: you can compose and create on as detailed a level as you’d like. All sections are fully represented, including 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos and contrabasses. Up and down bow bowing, sustain, staccato, and spiccato notes, plus instrument pizzicato and tremolo articulations provide the depth of content needed for convincing ensemble string parts and tracks.

    Orchestral Companion Strings is recorded in the legendary Futura Productions studios in Massachusetts. Members of the Boston Pops and/or Boston Ballet Orchestras played all performances, with the same premium instruments they use for their actual concert galas and events.


    • State-of-the-art captures of world-class string ensembles;
    • 24-bit, dual velocity patches provide expressive textures;
    • Over 9GB of content including diverse articulations & bow techniques;
    • 90+ patches covering string ensembles and sectionals;
    • Section Strings using Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Contrabasses;
    • Keyboard mod wheel swells volume for intense dynamics;
    • Internal FX, LFO’s and envelopes for unlimited creative freedom;
    • 32 & 64-bit, VST/AU/RTAS/AAX.

    Orchestral Companion Strings is available now for only $1 via Plugin Boutique (offer valid until January 31st, 2017). For a limited time, you can upgrade to the SONiVOX Premier Collection for over 60% off the original price.

    More info:

    SONiVOX Orchestral Companion Strings VST/AU/AAX only $1 via Plugin Boutique

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