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    Review: Trap Monsters Vol.1 by New Loops


    New Loops has announced the release of Trap Monsters Vol.1, a cool & original collection of construction kits for producers of trap & EDM.

    Trap Monsters Vol.1 comes in four formats, including the universal WAV 24-bit/44.1 kHz (compatible with FL Studio) and the Maschine expansion. Users of Ableton and Reason, have the option to choose the optimized kits for the respective DAW’s.

    The collection is split into five trap construction kits, each offering all the tools needed to make a full project. Of course, you choose the working directions, the possibilities are either to work on the current kit frame or to add sounds from the pack to a new and different project. Whatever the choice, the sounds of Trap Monsters Vol.1 fit perfectly and are a real help in case you’re out of ideas, or simply you’re looking for quality sounds that integrate seamlessly into your music.

    Trap Monsters Vol.1 is versatile because each of the five kits contains samples – loops & one shots, but also the MIDI files to add the softsynth you prefer and make subtle or extreme changes of the melody, riff or bassline. We all know that personal touch makes the difference.

    Examining the kits in more detail, we find drums and instrument/synth loops (in both WAV & the “elastic” REX formats). The drum loops are split per drum type stems/channels, but also full and lite versions of the beat are added. The instruments and synth lines come in plenty of variations – so forget about plain and boring melodies. Moving on to the one shots, they come in each kit as a handy selection of one shot drum samples, instrument stabs & synth notes, but also short vocals and some crazy SFX that, due to their top quality/adaptability, can be loaded in any other project in the zone of EDM. Some MIDI’s are added, so you see what’s under the hood, and as mentioned above, come up with your own ideas.

    Audio demos:

    I mentioned “versatility” again; although this pack is called “Trap Monsters Vol.1″, I would also add in the title “… and other EDM styles”. Because the author has managed to create a product that fully comply with rules and typology of “synthetic” trap music, but with it, also created a toolbox for EDM in general.

    And because we all like numbers, Trap Monsters Vol.1 includes 189 audio loops, 177 one shot sounds, 152 REX2 loops and 29 MIDI files. All sounds are well organised and file names are noted with the root key and BPM information (latter, where applicable).

    The sound of Trap Monsters Vol.1 is bold and full, recorded professionally. The drums and 808’s are well balanced, while the synths and distorted basses are perfectly equalized to stand out in the mix. Speaking of creativity, every piece of sound is unique and original. It is obvious that the author has put a lot of soul in this pack. Listen the Youtube demos at the beginning of this review, to see what I mean.

    As all the other releases at New Loops, Trap Monsters Vol.1 is 100% royalty-free, which means you can use it in your songs and audio productions without paying the author any further royalty.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend this pack for all beginner and advanced producers looking for “high-octane fuel” in their creational process, but also a sample library to rely on their next productions. Trap Monsters Vol.1 is fire for you trap engine!

    Cop it now at New Loops, it is just £7.99 (50% off) for a couple of days! A free demo pack is also available.

    More info & download link:

    Trap Monsters Vol.1 by New Loops

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