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    Positive Grid announces BIAS Pedal Distortion effect plugin is free until January 2nd


    Positive Grid has announced that its BIAS Pedal Distortion effect plugin for Windows is free until January 2nd, 2017.

    As the year draws to a close, we here at Positive Grid would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all of your support this past year.

    For a limited time, our BIAS Pedal software will be available FREE of charge. Happy Holidays!


    • 17 component-level emulation of distortion pedals.
    • Tone Match Technology captures any distortion pedals.
    • Seamless integration with BIAS FX.
    • Fully customizable distortion modules.
    • Share and download Tone Matched pedals.

    BIAS Pedal reinvents distortion in a whole new way, changing the way musicians perform, record, and create on the guitar. It uses the same logic of the revolutionary BIAS Amp designer, allowing you to virtually create your own distortion pedal from circuit guts to the transistors, tone match any distortion pedal. And you can create, share and download custom distortion pedals on ToneCloud.

    BIAS Pedal is seamlessly integrated with BIAS FX, now you can add your custom distortion to your BIAS FX pedalboard.

    BIAS Pedal is available for registered users at Positive Grid (you can sign in with your Facebook account or email). Download size is 244MB (size for the VST/standalone 64-bit installer).

    More info & download:

    BIAS Pedal Distortion effect plugin free until January 2nd

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