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    Limited-time freebie at Sonokinetic: EMP Mark II classical rhodes electrical piano for Kontakt


    Day 11 at Sonokinetic 12 Days of Christmas promotion brings another fantastic freebie, the EMP Mark II classical rhodes electrical piano for Kontakt.

    Compared to the previous free offer (Ostinato Strings) which was limited regarding download volumes, this one is only limited by time. At this moment, you have 1 day and 7 hours to get it for free.

    The electro-mechanical piano has been sampled over and over, so why do it again? One reason is because each one has its own specific sound, and this one, the Mark 2, has been overlooked by many other companies, while it has a distinctive sound that especially comes to life in soulful ballads, but also holds its own in more upbeat music styles.

    Another reason is that, for all the work that’s has been put into recreating this kind of instrument, playing the real thing always tickles us in a way that the sampled counterpart just doesn’t. So what is the big differentiator? We think much lies in the imperfection of a real instrument…and that’s what we tried to capture in this sampled EMP.

    Our mission statement on this one was to recreate the playing experience of a real, vintage instrument in a way that hasn’t been done before, and we think we succeeded!

    Audio demos:

    EMP Mark II can be used with a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

    In order to receive a license for EMP Mark II, registration (free too) at Sonokinetic is required.

    More info & download:

    FREE EMP Mark II classical rhodes electrical piano for Kontakt

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    1. I would like to notice that according to Sonokinetic EMP webpage it says it is not compatible with Free Kontakt Player but the full version of Kontakt. Also there is no Kontakt Player serial after “purchase” so it definitely seems it only works on demo mode in Kontakt Player.

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