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    BurghRecords sets free Phat Noise Simple Delay VST effect plugin


    BurghRecords has announced that its Phat Noise Simple Delay plugin for Windows, is now available for free (previous £10.99).

    This plugin is a perfect for beginners as there’s not too much programming, selecting from menus and number-crunching to be done. Just start turning the dials and it feels as though you are literally molding and pressing the sound into the shape you want.

    Delay is one of those effects that can often form the basis for the whole sound of a track. It can turn regular synth or guitar riffs into intricate patterns that would seem impossible to program or play manually.

    Phat Noise Simple Delay is BurghRecords’ first of the series of simple, easy to use VST plugins. It is a basic delay with two main knobs, Delay and Feedback, Wet/Dry selector and a cross feedback switch.

    Video demo:

    The free delay plugin also comes with 13 factory presets. I highly recommend it for beginners looking for a simple plugin to understand the delay effect, but also for advanced producers in search of a high quality delay plugin that simply does its job.

    In order to get Phat Noise Simple Delay, add it to cart, then write down your details (email address) at checkout. Download size is 17.6MB compressed ZIP file (contains the DLL file and the product image).

    Phat Noise Simple Delay is a 32 bit VST (VST2) effect plugin for Windows.

    More info & download link:

    Free Phat Noise Simple Delay plugin by BurghRecords

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