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    Pon Noodles Releases FREE Jungle Terror Sample Pack + FLP Project File

    Pon Noodles has released Terror Sounds Vol. 2, a new free Jungle Terror sample pack featuring different sound elements.

    The new collection promises some of the loudest sounds of the jungle. It is inspired by artists such as Wiwek, Yellow Claw, Major Lazer, G.T.A and Skrillex.

    Jungle Terror is a relatively new music genre, having as a starting point the music of Wiwek. The Dutch producer is credited as the one who invented Jungle Terror, an electro house genre where simple synth lines blend with percussions and most important, samples of animal noises. It is somehow similar to Big Room, having the same build-up elements and a tempo around 128-130 BPM. Besides the sounds of animals, other defining characteristics of this genre are less/lack of bass and the military style snare drums.

    Audio demo:

    This pack contains over 100 unique samples like animal sounds and noises, kicks, impacts, cymbals, percussions, fills, FX’s, synth shots and risers.

    Pon Noodles has also released a free Jungle Terror FLP project file (see the video below this post title). Download it and learn some producing techniques, as well as how to build a drop.

    To download the free Jungle Terror sample pack, you have two choices: add it to cart at Terror Soundz, or support the author on TheArtistUnion fan gate (requires Soundcloud login). Only the file distributed at TheArtistUnion contains the FLP project file.

    More info & download links:

    Terror Sounds Vol. 2 free sample pack
    Terror Sounds Vol. 2 free sample pack + FLP project file

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