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    Krezie Journeys free Dune 2 soundset for pop, EDM & ambient released


    Krezie Sounds has announced the release of Krezie Journeys, a free Dune 2 soundset.

    Dune 2 is a popular software synthesizer by Synapse Audio which allows to create a wide range of sounds. With a maximum reserve of 8320 oscillators at full polyphony, Dune 2 is a true unison monster, unlikely to ever run out of oscillators.

    With this free Dune 2 soundset, Krezie Sounds takes a journey into the atmospheric and classic-type sound designing. There are 25 high quality presets, ready for use in pop, EDM, ambient, experimental and other similar music genres.

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    The soundset is available for free when you subscribe to the newsletter service from Krezie Sounds. And while you visit this page, you might also like their page full of free presets for Harmless, Hive and VirtualCZ.

    The full version of the Dune 2 software synthesizer from Synapse Audio Software is needed to use the soundbank.

    More info & download link:

    Krezie Journeys – 25 free Dune 2 presets

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