Loopmasters is releasing Audiostrasse’s first first label sampler, featuring almost 150MB of samples from some of their best packs.

Launched in 2013, Audio Strasse sets to deliver the most innovative, fresh, groundbreaking, sound design, crafted for electronic sample packs and music libraries of all genres. To set it, they consistent display array of some the most high powered sound quality on the market.

AudioStrasse hails from Both Sides of the globe with members based in Brooklyn, NY and Berlin, Germany.

These two distant bases, have enabled the label to be able to develop a broad view of the sound, creating a specific service for all the various musical genres.
Their concept of music is based on the sound quality.

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AudioStrasse Label Sampler contains 150MB of royalty-free sounds, mainly loops such as basses, synths, percussions, drums and more. They’re taken from high quality AudioStrasse commercial packs.

To download the pack, you will have to pay only the bandwidth cost which is $1/£1/€1 (+ VAT if you’re based in EU). All the sounds are royalty-free, which means you can use them in commercial projects.

More info & download link:

AudioStrasse Label Sampler

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