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    Lucid Samples Offers 60 Free Vocal Samples & Loops, DJ Vocals and Acapellas


    Lucid Samples has announced the launch of a pack featuring 60 free vocal samples and loops, free DJ vocals and acapellas.

    This promo sample pack includes 60 Vocal Samples, Vocal Loops and DJ Vocals. All Audio Vocal Samples are available in WAV format.

    This bundle of very diverse acapella mixtools can be used to produce great tracks, which will quickly become popular, all these EDM samples here included are best sellers and were used in some of the most popular non-mainstream songs from genres ranging from House | Glitch | EDM and more and we are really happy to proudly announce this.

    If you are house music producer do not hesitate and give this House Sample Packs a try, you won’t regret it, because your house | EDM production will level up quickly.

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    The free DJ vocals, vocal samples and loops are taken from high-quality commercial packs such as Cut Vocals Party (Remastered Version), Glitch Vocal Mash Ups, Hardcore Voices Invasion, K-Motion House Vocals and Pirate MC Vocals – Melanie Jane. The pack also contains 18 free DJ mixtools for house and electro.

    In order to download it for free, first add it to cart, then fill in your details at checkout.

    More info & download:

    60 free vocals by Lucid Samples

    HighLife Samples

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