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    Primal Percussion – 40 free one-shot foley samples released by Mayo Staccato


    Mayo Staccato has announced the release of Primal Percussion, a free pack of one-shot foley samples.

    A sample pack by the grand exalted poobah supremomax, @mayostaccato

    Contains 40 one-shots, processed from recordings made by mayo himself. Feel free to modify and share! That’s how we cultivate the culturescape.

    Audio demo:

    In the pack there are 40 samples, all of which Mayo Staccato recorded on a Tascam DR-05 recorder and processed from there. Inside you will find clicks, metallic hits, switches, drills and other sounds recorded from found objects.

    You can use the one-shots to add texture to drum beats/patterns, or you can manipulate/process them to create completely new sounds.

    See also: 84 free drum, percussion and adlibs one-shot samples by Mayo Staccato

    Primal Percussion sample pack is delivered as a ZIP archive that is 3.02MB zipped. These samples are licensed under a Creative Commons 0 License. This means you are free to use them in commercial and non-commercial projects, royalty free with no need for attribution. You are also free to share, redistribute and modify these samples as well.

    More info & download links:

    40 free one-shot foley samples by Mayo Staccato

    HighLife Samples

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