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    List of 10 free sample packs for download


    Hey everyone! Today we got 10 free sample packs for you to check out and download. These are mostly edm sample packs for producers of electronic genres.

    List of 10 free sample packs

    Call me biased but this pack has over 120 trap drums + 808’s + loops, one shots and a lot more. All for free. I just had to include it.

    2. Epic Trap Presets
    This one is an obvious given. These samples are inspired by one of trap/hip hops’ most iconic producers in the game.

    3. SampleRadar
    Here’s a nice chunk of 432 samples from SampleRadar, perfect for producing music such as dubstep.

    4. Da Plug Kit
    A very simple sample pack with kicks, trap snares, and more. Free Download.

    5. Future Vocal Chops II
    Plenty of free Vocal Chop samples (great for many genres, one of the best future bass sample packs) plus including vocal synth presets for Serum which are very rare to come by.

    6. PORTR (WORLDS Pack)
    Just as it sounds, this sample pack is a collection of sounds recreated from the famous “WORLDS” album released by Porter Robinson not too long ago.

    7. Synthwave Samplepack
    If you like making synthwave then this pack will hit the spot for you. Check it out, it’s got some nice sounds in there.

    8. Rooftop After Hours
    Over 170 Perfect melodic samples that can be used quite nicely for genres such as Future House.

    9. Future Bass Drums
    Supported by many artists including Manila Killa and Chet Porter – These drums are a must have for producing electronic music.

    10. Dubstep Growls Here’s 10+ Samples for Dubstep growls & loops to help out with creativity (try chopping the loops into new patterns).

    It’s best for you to keep practicing with sample packs and presets over time. When learning sound design and song arrangement, the number 1 way I got better over time was simply experimenting with one or two VST’s and designing more sounds. Nothing really beats grinding out the many hours and most don’t fully understand that when starting out especially.

    Also, experimenting with samples and flat out putting in the hours of producing will give the best long-term results overall. Practice really does make perfect, don’t underestimate how powerful doing something everyday for a long period of time can be.

    If you don’t truly understand, then check out some of the famous DJs before they were famous and listen to how even their songs sounded bad when they first started out.

    Happy producing!

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