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    Free Yamaha RX-21 high definition drum samples by SampleScience


    SampleScience has announced the release of RX-21 HD, a free sound pack containing samples recorded from a Yamaha RX-21 drum machine.

    Pierre Parenteau has been very active lately, his other recent free sound pack being a set of high definition Roland TR-626 drum samples. According to the author, this sample pack already has thousands of downloads, which led to a new pack following the same successful pattern: less known drum machines, recorded in HD.

    The RX-21 HD sample pack is a free high definition sample collection of the Yamaha RX-21 drum machine sounds. The RX-21 is a mid-eighties entry level drum machine featuring one drum kit that can also be found on other Yamaha drum machine models.

    Audio demo:

    The free sound pack features clean recordings of the RX-21 drum sounds in 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit 44.1kHz WAV file format. SampleScience has also added a set of tube processed samples, each of them with 4 round robins and an 80’s-type reverb added.

    SampleScience’s RX-21 HD can be downloaded for free (simply put 0 in the price field), but any donation is welcome, in that case, instead of “0”, just put any amount you afford.

    More info & download link:

    Free Yamaha RX-21 high definition drum samples by SampleScience

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