PanOscillator free stereo enhancer plugin by SaschArt released

SaschArt has announced the release of panOscillator, a new plugin for Windows operating systems.

PanOscillator is a plugin that makes pan position oscillating and enhance your stereo signal. It is simple to use and requires low resource usage.

Its main features are:

  • Pan out oscillator from left to right.
  • Host synchronization oscillator.
  • Pan width for stereo enhanced.
  • Pan offset to play around.
  • Start position which can make phase shift.
  • Enhance volume in sides for nice effects.
  • Few wave oscillating shapes.
See also: PanENV free pan envelope VST plugin by SaschArt

PanOscillator is available for free and instant download (439KB). The download contains both 32 bit and 64 VST2 versions.

More info & download link:

PanOscillator free stereo enhancer plugin by SaschArt

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