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    Paul Battersby releases free Virtual Playing Orchestra SFZ sample library


    Paul Battersby has announced the release of the free Virtual Playing Orchestra SFZ sample library.

    Virtual Playing Orchestra is a free SFZ sample library that attempts to emulate multiple articulations of the solo and section instruments from a full orchestra using the best samples from Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, No Budget Orchestra, VSCO2 Community Edition, Phaded Productions, University of Iowa, Philharmonia Orchestra and extra samples from Mattias Westlund, author of Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra.

    The man behind this orchestra SFZ sample library compilation is Paul Battersby. His intent was to start with Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, add some new samples from Mattias Westlund and samples from new sources that have recently become available, to create what he would like to see from a Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra 2.0.

    Every single sample is double-checked and the noisy samples are replaced. Each sample plays in tune, each note peaks at about the same volume and is panned in the center of the stereo field.

    Virtual Playing Orchestra can be loaded into any SFZ player; the best, in our opinion, is the freeware Plogue sforzando.

    More info & download link:

    Virtual Playing Orchestra SFZ by Paul Battersby (883MB)

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    1. Thanks for spreading the word about Virtual Playing Orchestra. I just wanted to let you know that version 2.01 has been released with looped sustain samples, improvements to some of the brass samples, some noise reduction and many other small changes.

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