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    Nocturna free wavetable synthesizer VSTi released by Elektric Cafe (beta)


    Elektric Cafe has announced the release of Nocturna, a free wavetable synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

    The main highlights of Nocturna are the 2 wavetable oscillators, dual LFO’s and sub oscillators. With these, it allows you to get deep into sound design.

    Nocturna is at a beta testing phase, the author is working to fix some bugs and plans a massive sound library of over 100 patches, future expansions and dozens of waveforms. Most likely, the final version will be offered commercially.

    The wavetable inside Nocturna allows you to shape and create your own waveforms, as well as save them for future use. With separate envelopes and filters for each oscillator, the possibilities are endless.

    Nocturna has a full featured modulation section with 2 LFO’s with an LFO matrix to map them to a number of functions. Next, we find 2 sub oscillators and a wave generator, the latter loads and plays 24 bit WAV files. Also, the wave generator can be used to modulate other oscillators for cool effects and weird noises.

    Nocturna's FX slots
    Nocturna’s FX slots

    The envelope generator is an envelope with attack, decay, sustain, and release mapped to an X/Y pad and then sent to various oscillators.

    Last but not least, the FX engine includes various FX such as 4-band equalizer, reverb, delay, chorus, and compressor. The FX processors can be arranged in any order using the matrix at the bottom.

    Nocturna free wavetable synthesizer is available for instant download (beta) at KVR forums as 32 bit VST plugin. The final version is planned for December 5th.

    More info & download link:

    Nocturna free wavetable VST instrument by Elektric Cafe (4.8MB download size)

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