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    Karel Psota releases 50 free trailer impacts, wooshes, drones & loops


    Karel Psota has announced the release of French Farm, a free SFX collection featuring trailer sound design – blend of field recordings and synth sounds.

    French Farm contains 50 SFX samples recorded and processed for high energy productions. “The main goal was to combine the organic top end of field recordings with a clean punchy low end from synths”, says Karel Psota.

    I tested the samples and I can say that the sound design is top notch for a freebie. You will find some fantastic and highly usable cinematic and electronic hits in different flavors, including tops and subs, as well as punchy and roomy impacts. The vibrant wooshes are perfect for EDM and cinematic, while the drones showcase a wide range of SciFi themes. A great addition are the various loops following the same epic and flamboyant line. Listen below the demo track:

    In depth, French Farm free SFX collection contains 20 hits, 12 wooshes, 10 drones and 8 loops, all recorded in 24bit WAV format 48 kHz stereo.

    The free SFX collection is suitable for cinematic, film soundtracks, games production, EDM, electronic etc. The samples are 100% royalty free, you are free to use them in your commercial compositions.

    Download size is 109MB (no registration required).

    More info & download link:

    Free French Farm sample pack by Karel Psota

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