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    Free Samples and Plugins Roundup (October 2016)


    Every day we present the latest news, but what you see on the site is a small part of all the news we receive through various channels.

    The reasons why they are not shown are the most diverse, it is pointless to mention them here. Without too much bla bla, let’s get right to the list:

    Samples & loops

    • Get all 3 Volterock Vocal Hazard Packs in one download. The file contains a total of 1064 vox samples (most of them “fierce” vocal samples), free to use and released under the Creative Commons License (CC-BY). The samples were recorded in a professional studio at 48kHz/24 bit and rendered to 48kHz/16 bit WAV. Equipment used: Neumann u87 microphone and an Avalon 2022 Preamplifier.
    • Stephan VST O has released a free set of tumbi loops. Tumbi (toombi) is a traditional North Indian musical instrument from Punjab. The pack contains 10 loops recorded in 24 bit WAV format (download size 33.8MB).
    • Alavux has recorded a Korg Monotron with batteries running out of power. “Dead” Monotron free sample pack contains both original recording as well as chopped samples from it. The recording process went through a Fostex DMT-8vl mixer then to Focusrite Saffire soundcard (noise is from the unit itself, battery issue).
    • 123creative is giving away a set of 10 free kick drum samples for trap music productions, created by Freakmusic. In order to receive the download link, a valid email address is required.
    • Refurb has released a free pack of Akai S1100 Reverb impulse responses. Included in this download are the first 20 presets for the onboard effects, as well as modulated or pitched shifted effects. The IR’s should work in any convolution reverb that will accept stereo AIFF IR’s.
    • Permanent Beatz has gifted its fans with a Halloween-themed pack featuring 80 free spooky samples. It contains 10 drum breaks, 19 drum samples, 34 instruments, 6 SFX, 2 MIDI files and 1 Maschine drum kit. The download goes through a fan gate, meaning social login is required.
    • Tokyo Ambisonics by Pro Sound Effects is sound effects library of 46 high-quality urban atmospheres in B-format with “virtual mic” software. They are also offering a free version of 2 sounds/1GB.

    Kontakt instruments & other sample based libraries

    • Tangent Edge Instruments has two freebies. First is Squeaky Chair, featuring a rotating stool type chair with the screw thread that hasn’t been greased in its whole life. It only has one pitch, and is mapped over 5 octaves. The second is Sea Trumpets (available on same freebies page), a low resolution version of the full products, with the same options, just with less samples. Both require full version of Kontakt, but also contain SFZ patches that work in free players such as Plogue Sforzando.
    • The Alpine Projects brings Cello Ensemble, a Kontakt instrument powered by samples taken from libraries by Erick Kvist and Sam Gossner of Versilian Studios, as well as the free Saint James Orchestra Soundfont.
    • BPB has released Cassette 808 for Kontakt, a free collection of tape processed Roland TR-808 drum machine samples, based on recordings provided by Gregor Zemljic. It features three kits, clean, warm and hot, varying from original chopped samples to distorted & gritty ones.
    • As part of the “Grow Your Own Samples” tutorial by Spitfire Audio team, you can download a free copy of Moon Guitar, a Kontakt instrument they’ve made for this video. But most important is that you have much to learn from professionals, so don’t miss this tutorial.
    • German online & print magazine Beat is offering on its Facebook fan page TRNSTR free library for its Zampler player. TRNSTR features 220MB of Roland TR-09 and TB-03 samples split into 20 bass Zampler patches and 30 drum kits (WAV). Registration with email address is required.

    Instruments, effects and presets

    • Over Diver od82o by NSP is a free audio plugin for Windows, based on a famous overdrive stomp. Main features are 64-bit internal processing, 16X/8X/no oversampling, symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping and classic/punchy mode.
    • With 5 mixing, mastering and utility effects plugins for Windows, Airwindows has been very prolific over the last month. Each plugin release is also paired with a video tutorial explaining how to use it. Browse the huge freebies archive here.
    • Che has released Energy, an EDM/trance oriented soundbank with 100 free presets for ArcSyn softsynth and Energy – Lively Colours, another round of 100 free NI Massive presets for trance, ambient, EDM etc.
    • Amazing Machines returns with free AM106, an advanced Ring Modulator for Reaktor Blocks. With features such as dry/wet mix control, polarity flip switches and continuously variable X axis curves, AM106 takes audio and CV mangling to a whole new level. Requires Native Instruments’ Reaktor 6.0.1 or newer (full version).
    • Free OB-Xd is based on the Oberheim OB-X. It attempts to recreate its sound and behavior, but as the original was very limited in some important ways a number of things were added or altered to the original design. Starting with October, available exclusively at discoDSP.
    • Vellislav is offering a free set of presets taken from a commercial collection of 28 soundbanks for Tone2 Firebird freeware synth. The free version contains 2 presets from each of 28 soundbanks, plus some more other sounds.
    HighLife Samples

    Recent News

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