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    FL Studio 12.4 launched today!


    Image-Line has announced today the launch of FL Studio 12.4, with a series of new features and new & updated plugins.

    The main addition to FL Studio 12.4 is Transistor Bass, an advanced emulation of the legendary Roland TB303™ Bassline synthesizer. As I mentioned in the Transistor Bass review I wrote a few days ago, the plugin is now included as demo version for you to test. If you decide to buy a full version, it will cost you only $49 (instead of $79). All purchases between now and December 1 2016 (when the sale ends) are entered to the draw to win a real Roland TB-303 ($2500) and a modded Cyclone TT-303 ($500).

    Another new plugin is FL Studio Mobile, the companion to the Android, iOS and Windows App. Bring mobile projects into FL Studio and take them to the next level.

    Here’s the list of all updated plugins:

    • FPC – Vectorial UI. Expandable.
    • Harmless – Vectorial UI.
    • Newtone – Added buttons for pitch and warp modes. Option to include region markers when saving a sample from Pitch Correction mode.
    • Ogun – Vectorial UI.
    • Parametric EQ 2 – Vectorial UI. Fully resizable.
    • Patcher – 37 new presets by Youlean.
    • Razer Chroma – Support for Naga Chroma Mouse.
    • Slicex – Vectorial UI.
    • Vocodex – Vectorial UI.
    • ZGameEditor Visualizer – Use videos as internal controllers. 4 new presets. Use FL Studio Windows as video input. Supports H.264 video export (mp4). Drag-and-drop to re-arrange layers.

    The new FL Studio features are as follows:

    • Extended colors – FL Studio now allows selection of fully saturated colors from all color dialogs.
    • Custom mapping formulas – Edit the Formulas.txt file ..System\Config\Mapping.
    • Browser – Restored option to Open samples in Fruity Slicer.
    • Mixer – Menu > View > “Alternative mixer highlighting” option to work with the new very bright or dark colors.
    • Dashboard – Can now be resized from the window border.
    • Plugin Manager – Window can now be set to remain on top of other windows.
    • Command-line rendering – /R[filename] myproject.flp, use /E[extensions] to specify format (E.g: “/Emp3,ogg,wav”).
    • Loop recording – Significantly improved. Video Tutorial.
    • Maschine Jam support – Added undo/redo, step seq mode and swing jogwheel mode.
    • Views – Custom layout is now remembered even when selecting other layout
    • Input quantization – Added new recording quantize options (right-click the Record button)
    • Wrapper – Threaded processing is now on by default

    You can buy FL Studio from 4 editions: Fruity ($99), Producer ($199), Signature ($299) and All Plugins ($899 USD). All editions come with lifetime free updates!


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