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    Download 610 free foley samples by Olivier Wierda


    Olivier Wierda has announced the release of a free collection of 610 free foley samples in 16-bit WAV format.

    Olivier Wierda is a student at the Minerva Academie voor Popcultuur (Academy of Popular Culture) in Netherlands, where he studies music production. He has been producing music for 10 years now, and since he is in college, he has been training himself as a mixing engineer and a recording engineer aswell.

    The samples are recorded with a Zoom H2N field recorder. They are sourced from various things like crushing a can, fiddling with a plastic bag etc. The recordings are edited and cut up to individual samples.

    Inside you will find various ticks, clicks, zips and hits, which are excellent for drum layering. Besides the free foley samples, the pack also contains some cool percussion hits. Incorporate the foley samples in your drum patterns/loops, to make them a bit more lively, and give them an interesting feel.

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    All the samples are provided as 16-bit WAV files and they’re 100% royalty free for use in commercial productions.

    If you like the pack, you can show some love by following/listening Olivier Wierda on Soundcloud.


    610 free short foley samples & percussions by Olivier Wierda (67.3MB RAR)
    (mirror link, another mirror)

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