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    50 free drone sound effects released by 99Sounds


    99Sounds has announced the release of Drones, a free collection of premium quality drone sound effects in 24-bit WAV format.

    Drones is a freely downloadable, royalty free collection of drone sound effects and atmospheric soundscapes crafted by Red Fog. Designed to launch your sound system into outer space and take you on a mysterious journey towards unexplored galaxies, Drones is a must-have sound library for any soundscape aficionado.

    Audio demo:

    The author describes Drones as a sound library that’s not necessarily gritty or industrial, but rather oriented towards atmospheric and ambient textures. It works beautifully in tandem with some of 99Sounds previous releases such as the Magnetic Fields library by Matt Bowdler and InterSpace by Johan Ekelove.

    The pack contains 50 drone sound effects delivered in 24-bit WAV format. The download is 589MB in size (793MB size on disk). No registration required.

    More info:

    50 free drone sound effects by 99Sounds

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