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    Free shaker sample pack by Elphnt (+ free drones & noises and tons of other samples)


    Elphnt has announced the release of Shake, a free shaker sample pack featuring loops and one-shots in high quality AIFF audio format.

    Labeled “Shake – Loops & Samples of Things You Shake”, it brings a total of 95 shaker and tambourine loops and samples. The author has been slowly building up a collection of different shakers he uses in his own music and decided to share it with others. All the samples are recorded by Elphnt in his personal studio, not chopped or derived from other sounds.

    There are 3 different types of shakers and 1 tambourine. The free shaker sample pack contains also several one-shot samples of each shaker so you can create your own patterns. The loops are an easy-to-use solution when you want to start a groove from somewhere. They’re recorded at 100 and 120 BPM, but with the time-stretch function from FL Studio, you can use them at close tempos too.

    Audio demo of Shake – free shaker sample pack:

    I recommend you to take also a look at Free Drones & Noises Sample Pack, another fresh release of Elphnt (October 11), featuring 35 drone and noise samples totalling 35 minutes of recordings. Demo available here.

    But that’s not all. On Elphnt’s cool website there are also another three free packs with Roland TR-707, Drumcomputer MFB 522 and Roland SH-101 samples.

    Shake is divided into two folders containing 48 loops, respectively 47 one-shot samples. In depth, you will get 12 hi seed shaker loops, 12 low seed shaker loops and another 12 mid seed shaker loops, plus 12 tambourine loops. The one-shot folder has 38 shaker samples (13 hi, 12 low and 13 mid seed) and 9 tambourine samples.

    The free shaker sample pack is available via Gumroad on a pay-what-you-want pricing system. There’s no minimum price, so if you want to get it for free, simply insert “0” in the price field. On the next page, you will be prompted to insert your email address to receive the download links. If you like the samples and want to see more from this author, please consider making a small contribution (instead of “0” put any amount). Download size is 84MB compressed ZIP file.

    More info:

    Shake free sample pack by Elphnt

    HighLife Samples

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