Free percussion sample pack featuring a custom Tank Drum

Radio Runner has announced the release of a free percussion sample pack featuring a custom Tank Drum instrument.

The Tank Drum percussion instruments are made out of propane tanks. They can be single or double-sided and they’re tuned over a span of 4 octaves using exclusive scale variations and tongue arrangements for a dynamic range of notes and a unique tone. This Tank Drum is custom made and costs $900.

Read below the story behind this pack, as told by Radio Runner:

My friend brought over a little surprise this last weekend, a $900 custom-ordered tank drum!

I absolutely love how the thing sounds, it’s super ethereal and has tons of overtones in it that compliment each note so well.

So naturally, I had him record the thing. We sat down and recorded both sides of the drum, so we’ve got individual notes up the scale for G Major and its relative minor, E Minor, for you to recreate his instrument.

Audio demo:

In addition, the free percussion sample pack comes with foley clicks, beats and shaker rhythms. Radio Runner has also added a couple of riffs played by his friend Nick Ashmore.

Give it a download if you want, because the pack it’s free to anyone (no registration required). All its authors ask is to receive credit, but only if you use their riffs and beats (see the readme file included).


Free custom Tank Drum percussion sample pack by Radio Runner & Nick Ashmore (38.8MB)

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