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    Sample Magic releases 78 free 909 drum samples (WAV)


    Sample Magic is back with the release of a fresh collection of free 909 samples in high quality audio format.

    Sample Magic have been very active lately, with tons of commercial launches paired with cool free ones- all having analog equipment as common source.

    It seems that all of these freebies are due to the opening of a new Sample Magic studio in Los Angeles. That studio, nicknamed “The Laboratory” is literally filled with vintage analog hardware, such as keyboard synthesizers and drum machines. We can assume that we will have more goodies in the following days.

    909 Samples – Free Pack is following the same line as its predecessor, the 808 free sample pack I wrote about a few days ago. Every sound from the famous Roland TR-909 is sampled through a pristine signal path at 24-bit/44.1khz quality, and the result is a delicious sample library with raw drum sounds. Delving into technical details, I found out that responsible for the exceptional quality of sound are a Prism Orpheus soundcard and a Neve 1073 pre-amp.

    What’s inside:

    • 14 snares + 1 rimshot + 1 clap
    • 23 toms
    • 3 open-hats + 3 closed-hats
    • 12 crashes
    • 16 kicks
    • 5 rides

    78 free 909 samples are at your disposal, every 909 sound at every possible tone and pitch. You can do whatever you want with them, because they’re royalty free. But I advise you to download the pack as soon as possible, because is free to download for a limited period of time. Its download size is 7.44MB compressed ZIP file.

    To get the free 909 samples, registration at Sample Magic is required. An account at them allow you to download all the other freebies and keeps you prepared for future giveaways. Add the pack to basket, check out and enjoy the samples. Your account will not be charged and you will not be asked for payment information. If you don’t want to be a registered customer, simply add a check out address to complete the checkout process.

    More info:

    909 Samples – Free Pack by Sample Magic

    HighLife Samples

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