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    Brandulator free harmonic step sequenced flanger released by Vasily Makarov


    Brandulator is a new free plugin for Windows, created by Russian developer Vasily Makarov.

    Brandulator is a cool little plugin capable to create harmonic modulations over a loop/groove, preferably monotone. The audio effect applied is a combination of flanger, vocoder and harmonizer.

    However, Brandulator is different from those listed above, having a different operating principle. The input signal is branched into three channels (A, B and C), each with a comb filter which adds peaks and troughs in the frequency response, alomost like a flanger. Each of the three channels is also split into 16 steps, allowing the user to set a key note per step (across 10 octaves). Also, each step has an on/off knob, essential in creating grooves instead of simply modulations.

    Primarily, Brandulator acts like a step sequencer/arpeggiator that works synchronously with its host. Depending on the length of the sample/loop, it can be used to add harmonies, to create dynamic and lively sounds or complex rhythmic effects etc.

    The plugin has a simple and handsome GUI, with the three channels/step patterns in the middle, a preset browser on top (by the way, it comes with 32 fantastic presets to start from). At the bottom we have global controls for level, depth, glide and detune.

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    The scales/chord offerings are insane!

    To test it, load a loop (know its key note), assign it a mixer track, load there Brandulator, choose a preset, then match the plugin root key with the key of your sound/loop (click on the small keyboard). Next, you can choose the root octave and the octaves depth (along how many octaves you want the sound to modulate). The latter, takes effect only if you press the random button. Advanced settings include presets of simple or complex scales and chords.

    Used at its basic settings, Brandulator is a great plugin to add subtle modulations to a sound, to create melodic grooves, or simply to melodize a plain monotone loop. But when you dig into its advanced settings, you’ll be able to create sounds completely different from the source, and the plugin becomes a sound designing tool.

    Brandulator is available for instant download (1.6MB ZIP file) via KVR Forums. It comes as VST2 plugin, and you can choose from the 32-bit and 64-bit variants, depending on your host. Except some minor GUI glitches (at a moment, while browsing through the presets, the dials from the first channel disappeared), it works fine in FL Studio (tested in v12.3 64-bit).

    More info:

    Brandulator free harmonic step sequenced flanger[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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