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    Get u-he Beatzille modular synthesizer for free!


    German print/online magazine Beat has announced today that is offering for free its Beatzille virtual modular synthesizer.

    Beatzille is a compact version of the modular synthesizer Bazille commissioned by the German magazine Beat and developed by u-he. A simpler version of Bazille (more robust and larger offering), using the selected and re-arragned modules for a more basic configuration.

    But Beatzille remains a very capable and engaging synth, with the same digital oscillators and analogue-style filter plus the flexibility of modular patching.


    • 2 digital oscillators with simultaneous frequency modulation (FM), phase distortion (PD) and fractal resonance (FR) synthesis.
    • Multimode analogue style filter (low pass, band pass and high pass) with 6 parallel outs.
    • Built-in stereo delay.
    • 16-step sequencer with 8 “snapshots”.
    • Signal processors: inverter, rectifier, sample & hold, lag generators and quantiser.
    • Mapping generator (waveshaper) with a variety of drawing tools and controls.
    • 2 envelopes and 1 LFO for modulation control.
    • User interface zooms in 10% steps (70-200%).
    • Configuration menu to set preferences and assign MIDI controls.

    Beatzille is available for free from time to time (i.e. for Beat readers only, on Beat magazine’s own cover DVDs, on celebrations etc). This time, those from Beat Magazin are celebrating 20k fans on their Facebook page.

    Grab it now (is an instant download via Facebook), I don’t have any info about how long the giveaway will last. Enjoy!


    Beatzille modular synthesizer for free

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