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    201 free kicks, snares, hats, FX & experimental sounds created with 3xOsc by Corrosionred


    Corrosionred has announced the release of a sample pack featuring 201 free one shot samples designed with FL Studio’s 3xOsc instrument plugin.

    The pack contains 201 free kicks, snares, hats, percs, FX and other experimental sounds. I asked Corrosionred to tell us more about how he did these sounds. Having 3xOsc as a starting point, the author experimented with various other FL plugins, until the desired sound. Also, some sounds have occurred as a result of (happy) accidents. Here follows the full answer:

    “I used 3xOsc. The “_amb” (ambiance) samples for example, started off as a sine wave playing 1 long note or chords, added a bit of distortion, multiple instances of Fruity Chorus or Flangus, then EQ out the 1K area, the waveform usually looks lumpy at this stage, so I use Fruity Limiter’s compressor, then output only the wet signal from a Reverb and record in Edison. I stopped there for some of them, but others were loaded FL’s Sampler for Time Stretching, more EQ, cloning and layering them at different octaves and stuff, btw I do these in a different order sometimes for different results. bonus: the Blur feature in Edison can be useful.

    I’m sure a lot of people can do Kicks and Snares better than what I did, but I’ll just go ahead and explain how I made them. 2 instances of 3xOsc for Kicks, 3xOsc#1 noise with a decaying filter for the attack (I like LPx2 for this) and add a short reverb using Fruity Reeverb2 (not sure if it’s just me or does FL’s reverb sounds a bit metallic when the decay and room size knobs are set really low… I find it interesting, so I keep that), 3xOsc#2 is a sine wave with a decaying pitch, add a Soundgoodiser (it actually works on kicks) set to “A”, then record in Edison. Some of them were also loaded in FL’s sampler and used that “pogo” knob, but not too much.

    I make Snare samples in a similar way to how I make Kicks. I make sure that the sine hits is at 230hz or somewhere in the 200 range, I also add a 3rd instance of 3xOsc with a decaying noise for that splash sound, Soundgoodizer works for Snares too (I think) if I’m too lazy to manually compress, ha.
    the “_ht” sounds were my bad attempts at making Cymbals, I tried to just use a noise with a short decay, but I wanted to try something so I layered 10 instances of 3xOsc with short decaying sine waves at high non harmonic pitches, recorded to wav, cloned and layered them at different pitches, aliasing was actually useful in this case, but I still had to highpass the lower artifacts.

    Most of the “_fx” and “_prc” samples were accidental discoveries while Time Stretching the same 3xOsc Kicks and Snares, or even playing around with Fruity Granulizer.”

    I tested these free one shot samples, and I can say they’re 100% usable. I like them all without exception. However, if I had to choose favorites, they are the ambiance samples and FX, which I believe, with some further processing can turn into some fantastic build-ups, transitions etc for EDM productions. Also, I like the kick samples which indeed have some serious body and come up with something new. The snares are varied, well-tuned, have the same root but the decay/sustain/release area is where the differences occur. Tons of fresh new ideas for you to use them as they are, or go ahead with experiments.

    The 201 free one shot samples are available for instant download via Mediafire and Zippyshare (53.3MB ZIP compressed file). All the samples are provided as 16-bit WAV’s and are royalty free, meaning you can use them in commercial projects. Enjoy!

    If you like the pack, you can follow Corrosionred on Soundcloud and/or Google+.


    201 free kicks, snares, hats, percs, FX and other experimental sounds by Corrosionred (mirror)

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    1. hey Thank you for posting this!
      I think there is a little mistake on the last paragraph, the samples are actually 16-bit wav, not 24-bit.

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