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    Review: Groove Machine by Mode Audio (+ 50MB FREE samples and MIDI’s)


    ModeAudio has released Groove Machine, a new set of synth pop loops designed in the style of the 80’s.

    The collection gathers all the necessary elements to produce a complete song, from loops to one shots, MIDI files to tail samples. Although not specified anywhere – and the folder structure doesn’t give us any clue, it appears that at the base of this pack stay 14 construction kits, each with its own style and vibe. And to be more versatile, the malleable BPM range is between 90 and 140. The loops are noted with key information, letting you concentrate only on production.

    Groove Machine is split into 4 main folders: Drum Samples, Groove Machine Loops, Groove Machine Tail Samples and MIDI. In what follows I will take a closer look at each.

    Drum Samples contains all the one shot drums and percussion you hear in the programmed loops. They have a vintage feel, and is evident that are sourced from real drum machine hardware (Linn LM-1?), and processed through high end gear for that convincing punch. I can’t say that I have any favorite type, I love them all. But for the sake of charts, I would say that the toms are simply amazing, well tuned, full bodied and very useful. I already see them into future bass/synthpop drum fills and rolls, to name just a few applications. The kicks are fat and rich in lows, also the snares are expertly treated with that 80’s sound.

    Next in line is Groove Machine Loops, where we find 5 sub-folders: Bass, Drums & Percussion, Electric Guitars, SFX and Synth Leads & Chords. The basslines are created with vintage synthesizers and they’re finely compressed, resulting in a creamy linear sound without unpleasant frequencies; you will integrate them easily at the base of your tunes. About the drums and percussions, they sound correct, without excesses to take them in the zone of abstract art. I mean, they’re 100% usable, especially that besides the “full” and “fill” versions, they’re provided split on tracks: percussions, tops, claps etc. Moving on to the guitars, they are recorded from electric guitar studio performances and they sound funky, country or naughty, I mean punk-pop-ish. The SFX loops are a great addition, while the synth and chords provide the melodies and the overall tone. At the core of the synth loops stay vintage 80’s synthesizers and electric pianos; the melodies are simple, catchy and easy to integrate.

    As already accustomed us, with each sample pack, ModeAudio also provides the tail samples. Groove Machine Tail Samples are perfect for use at the end of their respective loops, to get the original decay. In other words, if a loop is not repeated, just attach its tail to avoid abrupt ending.

    The last folder is MIDI. Containing a comprehensive set of MIDI loops, it lets you add your own touch: use your synths, change the key or add your notes, make variations etc. You have total control on drum beats, basslines, chords, riffs and other elements. The MIDI folder brings more and more value to the entire pack.

    Audio demo:

    In conclusion, Groove Machine is not just another sample pack, it is a comprehensive collection of tools to create authentic pop and synthpop tunes. And now, when future bass/trap, synthwave and EDM are the most popular genres among both listeners and producers, Groove Machine – sketched after the templates of the 80’s, will bring authenticity and value in any production. Used wisely, the sounds from this pack may be all you need to stand out.

    Groove Machine costs only $24; you can take advantage of the 3 For 2 offer – pick three sample packs and you get the cheapest one for free.

    We teamed up with ModeAudio to give all our readers a FREE 50MB sample pack with sounds taken from Groove Machine. Download FREE Groove Machine FLSM Sampler here

    More info:

    Groove Machine by Mode Audio

    HighLife Samples

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