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    Get Soundtoys Sie-Q boutique equalizer plugin for free until October 13 (worth $129)


    Soundtoys has announced today the release of its Sie-Q, an equalizer plugin that lets you achieve spacious highs, smooth lows, and great tones fast.

    Soundtoys Sie-Q is inspired by the 60’s German classic Siemens W295b equalizer module, and faithfully captures the hardware’s smooth curves, airy highs and ease of use, allowing you to get the tone you want fast, without a lot of hassle. Sie-Q is ideal for full and sub mixes, vocals, drums, guitars and more.


    • Get airy top end with the super-smooth High band
    • Accentuate or tame mid-range details with the switched Mid band
    • Carve out some space or add rich bass with the Low band
    • Push the Drive control to recreate the color of the original EQ

    For a limited time (until October 13), the new Sie-Q equalizer plugin is free to anyone (regular price is $129). To download it, you must go through the normal order process. No payment will be required when your order is submitted.

    Sie-Q is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX 32bit & 64bit formats).

    More info:

    Soundtoys Sie-Q boutique equalizer pluginfree until October 13

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