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    Free SmoothDelay effect plugin released by SaschArt


    SaschArt have announced the release of SmoothDelay, a free delay effect plugin for Windows operating systems.

    The main characteristic of SmoothDelay is the design with two delay time knobs for left and right channel and the smooth transition when changing the rate, with no crackles, rattles or distortion (continuous delay time changes).

    The “Smooth” knob (hence the plugin name) is useful if automation on delay time it used. You can set any delay time between triplet and dotted note timing, and set different delay times in the left and right channels. SmoothDelay also offers stereo width control (from 0 to 100%), delay feedback and dry & wet sliders.

    SmoothDelay is a simple but powerful plugin, it uses few resources and is very useful if you’re looking for a simple solution for controlling the left/right channel delay. All the knobs and sliders can be automated via automation clips and MIDI controllers.

    On their website, SaschArt offer several plugins such as EasyLimiter plugin for easy mastering and two other plugins (PanDelay 2 and SLimiter) with commercial and free versions.

    SmoothDelay is available for instant download – a compressed ZIP file (under 1MB) containing the plugin in 32- and 64-bit VST versions for Windows.

    More info:

    Free SmoothDelay effect plugin by SaschArt

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