Michael Picher has announced the release of Binaural Upright Piano, a new free SFZ instrument.

Unlike other virtual pianos, Binaural Upright Piano gives the sensation of sitting at the piano bench directly in front of the keys. This effect is more evident when you use headphones; on the speakers the effect is slightly diminished, but by increasing the stereo width, you can fix it. For that, I recommend you the free Panagement FE spatialization multi-effect plugin.

Binaural Upright Piano’s main features are the sampled damper pedal (with both ups and downs) and key releases. More, the damper pedal is all recorded binaurally, giving the impression you hear it from the playing position.

Video demo:

Binaural Upright Piano is a SFZ patch instrument. You can load it into Plogue sforzando – free SFZ player (VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac).

More info:

Free Binaural Upright Piano SFZ

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